SSA Geomancy is our specialism that improves how people feel when we combine architecture with the subtle earth energies of a place. This includes the reduction of electronic smog and 5G exposure. We trust that the explanation of geomancy and all of the images of our work that you see here illustrates the sense of well being that geomancy architecture creates. If you have any queries please feel free to call.
A new approach to architecture

Enhancing the design

Studio S Architects’ geomancy work rebalances the energies that can affect your wellbeing and health in and around your home or office. This includes geopathic stress, Feng Shui, electromagnetic pollution, 5G and other negative energies.

Our practical application of Geomancy and Feng Shui are tools that improve the atmosphere and use the psychology of how an environment influences people. This is coupled with over 20 years of architectural design and the understanding of the mind’s interaction with the body through Neuro Linguistic Programming and the wholistic health care of Kinesiology.

Everyone should have one

Where do you want a sweet spot?

Create architecture for your wellbeing with a new or existing building.
Increase productivity, create harmony and be more resilient in your home office, creative studio or corporate headquarters.
Make your home feel right and be a nurturing place with harmonious energy for a fresh start.

Our clients have a sweet spot

Do you have a place where you feel peaceful, perhaps a spot in the garden that warms you with feelings or a favourite chair that makes the woes of the day fade away? These are the ‘sweet spots’ of positive energy that enhance your well being, health and productivity; our whole environment should feel like this. Re-balancing the negative geopathic stress and high levels of electronic smog makes the home, a place of work or specific room become peaceful and a nourishing place again.


It's older than our cities

What is Geomancy?

Geomancy is the study of the Earth’s subtle magnetic and electrical energies that flow around the globe and the affect this can have on places and people’s wellbeing. ‘Geo’ means ‘Earth ‘or ‘land’ and ‘Manteia’ means ‘Divination’. Feng Shui is the best known geomancy tradition and its use can be traced to the Roman Empire, who used geomancy to determine the best location for a building. Many cites including Rome and Washington DC use geomancy principles in their layout; that’s why churches and temples are built on ‘sweet spots’.

The science

Electro Magnetic Fields

Many of the Earth’s magnetic and electrical currents are underground and emit outwards, although you cannot see the currents. Do you remember the experiment of a magnet under a piece of paper and iron filings? The filings are attracted to the magnetic currents and form lines. This is similar to how the earth’s energy lines flow.


Man made frequencies

Digital Age, 5G & Electronic Smog

Society’s use of electronic devices and digital communication has rapidly increased amount of artificial frequencies in buildings and our surroundings. These new frequencies like 5G, transmit high volumes of information for our devices to work quickly and efficiently. This has led to an increase in people suffering ill health from Hyper Electronic Sensitivity.


Geopathic Stress

Disruption of the energy lines cause negative emissions that are called Geopathic Stress. This can lower the immune system and can affect health including: sleeplessness, illness, emotional disturbance, cancer, infertility and other illnesses. Also, it can create a feeling of uneasiness in a place, for example, ‘something does not feel right, but you can’t put your finger on it’.

Have you ever walked into a place and thought, ‘something feels uncomfortable about this place but I don’t know what it is?’ or ‘I don’t like the atmosphere, how do I ‘clear the air’ or ‘my staff don’t relax and work productively?’ Or are you running a construction project properly, yet things keep going wrong? Then perhaps the resident atmosphere is negatively charged and it is adversely affecting you or members of your team.

natural light
Let's work together

How can SSA Geomancy help you?

SSA Geomancy can help you design and create sympathetically to the earth’s positive energies, as well as cleanse and rebalance existing homes. SSA Geomancy specialises in techniques to survey, assess and understand a site, utilising EMF readers, dowsing, Feng Shui and other methods to analyse the home and advise the client. This removes their negative effects and improves the area to make people feel better in their surroundings. 

Our practice is based upon years of extensive research, training and studying this craft to cultivate a deep and sensitive understanding of working in this field, including advising on alterations to woodlands and how to deal with electromagnetic stress.

The improvements can be applied to an individual for health, to a home and places where things ‘don’t feel right’ or even where there has been trauma of various kinds. Workplaces can also generate negative emission through stress, bullying and dissatisfaction leading to lower productivity and increased sickness. Buildings and construction sites that disrupt established geopathic lines build up geopathic stress. This stress resonates the subtle electrical frequencies up through the steel frame of a building to the unknowing occupants, leading to unexplained emotional and health problems.

A new building

For an architectural project

SSA Geomancy can design and build the most harmonious place for you, whatever the environment. We use the full range of architectural services with our approach developed from a deep understanding of Geomancy and modern Feng Shui. First, we develop the brief with our client, then conduct a geopathic survey of the energy lines flowing through and around the site to assess the geopathic stress. Geomancy techniques remove negative electromagnetic fields to protect the occupant’s health. The survey informs our design process to create a building that self maintains a balanced geopathic energy. This can include Earth acupuncture points and specialist materials integrated into the building’s fabric and throughout the development.

Practical architectural planning, modern Feng Shui techniques, direct sunlight and natural ventilation are incorporated into the layout. The client’s objectives will influence the sustainability, choice of natural materials, the level of protection from electronic smog, 5G, Wi-Fi and electrical wiring plus the appearance of the building.

SSA Geomancy also advise on alterations to existing buildings, the landscape and can review your existing drawings of a project to create peaceful and harmonious places.

Thinking of you

For your home

I focus on your specific concerns to remove the geopathic stress that affects you or your family’s health and wellbeing. Through discussion, research and surveying the energy in and around your property, I establish an understanding of the contributing factors, then I cleanse the geopathic stress energy. This can include finding toxic energy lines running through and around your property, negative energy zones in the house and sometimes the removal of ‘something that doesn’t feel right’. Your home will be cleansed and rebalanced. Afterwards, I explain what has been done with any further advice, recommendations and Feng Shui that can be of help.


The workplace

For your business

When people’s jobs are stressful or resentment builds up, negative energy and tension is created.  Coupled together with the subtle psychological effects of their internal environments, space or perceived territory; the workplace can become an unproductive environment. Whilst the layout of the workplace may be practical for the business, often minor changes can help to improve how people feel throughout the day. Geomancy clears the negative emotional charge from the space. Then Feng Shui is used in a contemporary way to address the physical environment to generate psychological messages that relaxes the mind to remove tension, thereby enabling increased productivity. 

Geomancy Architecture & Feng Shui

Geomancy & Feng Shui by Studio S Architects

Rhythm & movement

Our bespoke staircase welcomes you home and flows through the house.
The peaceful rhythm of modern bay windows.

Colour and natural materials

Our use of colour, light and plants extend the building in a tight urban setting.
Old meets new in a play on yin~yang

Projects by Studio S Architects


André Sutherland established Studio S Architects, to implement his philosophy of repairing the city through architecture and improving the wellbeing of people with Geomancy.


“I trained for 3 years as a Kinesiologist to research holistic health in treating the body. Kinesiology combines the interaction of nutrition, emotions, the physical body and the flow of electrical energy through Chinese acupuncture meridians. This informed further study into subtle electronic and magnetic flows of the Earth’s energies, their implications for people and places together with advanced dowsing techniques. This specialist research gave me an understanding of earth acupuncture, Geomancy and Feng Shui; culminating in my ability to clear geopathic stress, rebalance negative energy that affects a person and the creation of a new type of architecture that uses the energy of a place to enhance the wellbeing of people. SSA Geomancy is the specialism of this approach that has always permeated my work.” 


SSA Geomancy is currently applying this knowledge of Geomancy and contemporary Feng Shui to a thermal health spa in the countryside. The spa incorporates the landscape to flow through the building to connect with the land and water. Also two sustainable low energy pre-fabricated timber houses are under construction that demonstrate many of these principles.

André’s has over 20 years’ architectural experience and has worked for several internationally renowned architectural practices. His extensive knowledge of urban development and the planning process is reflected in his role with Merton Council’s Architecture and Urban Design Review Panel. 


Give him a call to discuss to how SSA Geomancy can work with you.



I know very well that many scientists consider dowsing as they do astrology, as a type of ancient superstition.  According to my conviction this is, however, unjustified.  The dowsing rod is a simple instrument which shows the reaction of the human nervous system to certain factors which are unknown to us at this time.”


Albert EinsteinScientist

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SSA Geomancy

For your wellbeing

SSA Geomancy is our specialism that improves how people feel when we combine architecture with the subtle earth energies of a place. Our practical application of Geomancy, Feng Shui, Electro Magnetic Frequencies  & 5G rebalance the energies that can affect your wellbeing and health in and around your home or office. 

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Studio S Architects are passionate about creating a new type of architecture that improves how people feel. Whatever type of project, it’s size and your budget; our aim is to make the building the best that it can be and watch it grow old gracefully. SSA Geomancy is where we will add that, “je ne sais quoi.”

Thank you for taking the time to consider us and we look forward to hearing from you.

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