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We remove geopathic stress and advise on managing electromagnetic pollution and 5G that causes technopathic stress, so that your home can be a place of wellbeing. If something else doesn’t feel right, we have experience to clear the negative energy to create a balanced harmonious home.

Geomancy, Feng Shui and wholistic health are combined in our service.

I can certainly recommend Andre and his excellent services. He came to our house and conducted a very thorough cleansing procedure. He advised us on de-cluttering our house and other methods to maintain the calm environment that he had created. A very professional and personable individual.”


A client that had 20 years of insomniaSleep has finally returned!

What is Geopathic Stress?

Geopathic stress is the relationship between the earth energies and people’s wellbeing. ‘Geo’ means ‘Earth ‘or ‘land’ and ‘Pathic’ means ‘suffering’. However, the earth also emits positive energies and has many sweet spots.
The earth has electromagnetic currents that flow around the globe, many are underground and emit outwards, although you cannot see the currents.

Disruption of the energy lines can be caused by movements of the earth’s crust, flowing through minerals and human generated electro magnetic fields. These influences can disrupt the emission to cause a negative effect on health, serotonin and the capacity to handle stress .

  • Natural Earth currents can be affected by:
  • Underground water courses running above the electric lines
  • Fractures in the substratum of the ground, including construction work
  • Human generated electro magnetic activity, e.g. electric pylons and underground cables

What is Technopathic Stress / EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequencies)

Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) also referred to as Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF) are generated by electric machines including televisions and lamps or transmitters including Wi-Fi routers or power cables. The rapid rise in the use of electrical devices and the transmission of electromagnetic frequencies and 5G through the atmosphere has increased faster than the human body can adapt. When EMFs overload the human electrical circuits, it can lead to ill health; this is termed Technopathic Stress.

The effects of Technopathic Stress

  • DNA single and double strand breaks
  • Increased blood brain barrier permeability
  • Disruption of cell metabolism
  • Disruption to brain glucose metabolism
  • Generation of stress proteins
Scientists are concerned

The Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields

The electromagnetic smog of frequencies are affecting an increasing number of people who have become electrically hyper sensitive (EHS). Many of the ailments are similar to those caused by Geopathic Stress, therefore it is important to define the type of stress and treat it accordingly.

When disrupted energy lines cross paths, they give off subtle toxicity. Spending time over a toxic line or the intersection can affect peoples health including: sleeplessness, illness, emotional disturbance, ailments, cancer and infertility.

This video on: “The Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields” By Martin Blank, PhD. to the Commonwealth Club explains the scientific communities concern.

Two examples of geopathic grids

The Hartmann grid runs north ~ south at 2.5m intervals and 2.0m east west.

The  Curry grid runs at 45 degrees to the Hartmann grid at 3m intervals.

Graphic examples of ailments associated with sleeping in a bed over negative Geopathic Stress grid lines and EMF.

Brain tumour, poor memory, foggy head

Breast cancer

Cervical cancer, womb problems, infertility

Male headaches (EMF + grid). Female sleeps on edge of bed

Geopathic Stress and illness

Scientific studies have measured negative physical effects on the body, which include depletion of potassium, calcium and serotonin, as well as disruption to the electrical signalling between the brain and body. They found that geopathic stress decreases the body’s ability to handle toxins in food; bacteria; and atmospheric elements including lead and heavy metals; which weakens the body’s bio / electrical system.

Germany and Austria recognise the importance of geopathic stress and require a geopathic stress survey to accompany the sale of a house.

Geopathic stress can be detected by:
  • The use of magnetometers to measure variations in the electro-magnetic currents at a geopathic location.
  • Dowsing with copper L shaped rods that react to the subtle variations in the emissions from the earth’s electromagnetic currents.
  • Testing the electrical resistance of the skin through kinesiology.
Balancing Geopathic Stress

SSA Geomancy clear negative Geopathic Stress and we advise how to protect people that have Electrical Hyper Sensitivity (EHS) to Wi-Fi, 5G or EMF’s. Please contact us to discuss how we can help, followed by an appointment to rebalance your home or workplace.

Geopathic, Technopathic or EMFs could be affecting you

If you are suffering from:

Immune related disorders that do not respond to modern treatments?

Emotional stress, unexplained sadness and anxiety?

Stubborn health issues that do not respond to conventional medicine, including chronic illness such as cancer , MND or ME?

Headaches or unexplained recurring pains?

Strange atmosphere or an unwelcome presence in a part of the house?

Feeling down or unhappy when you arrive home, at work or when entering a particular room; this includes mood swings, depression?

Sleep disorders, including waking up tired, sleeplessness, nightmares?

Feeling tired and lack of energy or unusual lethargy when at home?

Learning difficulties, poor concentration when spending time in a particular place.


Other indications of Geopathic, Technopathic or EMFs:

Is there:

A history of tragedy or illness in the property or on the site?

Construction work on the property or nearby?

Abnormal growths on trees or infertile areas?

A favourite chair that your cat sleeps in?

A problem with ants and insets?

A smart meter, microwave or energy saving bulbs?

A Wi-Fi router and cordless phones in your house?

A lot of electronic devices in your bedroom?


Does your baby or child prefer to a particular place or side of their cot and bed?

Do you spend more than 30 minutes a day on your mobile phone?


SSA Geomancy use Feng Shui in a contemporary way to address the physical environment of your home to generate psychological messages that relaxes the mind to remove tension, thereby increasing a feeling of wellbeing. 

Let's talk

We use contemporary Feng Shui, to make a pleasant and more productive workplace.


What can we do for you?

SSA Geomancy clears negative Geopathic stress, advises on electrical pollution and incorporates Feng Shui, to make a pleasant home and more productive workplace.

At your home or work we will undertake a survey to identify the geopathic stress that is affecting your property then rebalance the negative emissions. Additional practical advice is given which can include minimising the influence of technopathic stress, 5G, using Feng Shui to create harmony in the home and health treatments that work alongside persistent ailments.

The appointment includes pre visit analysis and preparatory geopathic stress clearing. 

Call Andre for an initial discussion to understand how we can help you.



    Based in London and Surrey

    We travel nationwide and work on buildings or places outside of the UK remotely (without a site visit) by request. 

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    André Sutherland established Studio S Architects, to implement his philosophy of repairing the city through architecture and improving the wellbeing of people with Geomancy.


    “I trained for 3 years as a Kinesiologist to research holistic health in treating the body. Kinesiology combines the interaction of nutrition, emotions, the physical body and the flow of electrical energy through Chinese acupuncture meridians. This informed further study into subtle electronic and magnetic flows of the Earth’s energies and the implications for people and places. This specialist research gave me an understanding of earth acupuncture, Geomancy and Feng Shui; culminating in my ability to clear geopathic stress, rebalance negative energy that affects a person and the creation of a new type of architecture that uses the energy of a place to enhance the wellbeing of people. SSA Geomancy is the specialism of this approach that has always permeated my work “


    SSA Geomancy is currently applying this knowledge of Geomancy and contemporary Feng Shui to a thermal health spa in the countryside. The spa incorporates the landscape to flow through the building to connect with the land and water. Also two sustainable low energy pre-fabricated timber houses are under construction that demonstrate many of these principles.

    André’s has over 20 years’ experience and has worked for several internationally renowned architectural practices. His extensive knowledge of urban development and the planning process is reflected in his roles with Merton Council’s Architecture and Urban Design Review Panel. 


    Give him a call to discuss to how SSA Geomancy can work with you.



    Practical case studies

    The impact of Geopathic Stress for 11,000 people, 3,000 houses and a school in Austria

    An Austrian study by Kathe Bachler in 1977 of 11,000 people in over 3,000 houses, found that the majority of subjects with arthritis, insomnia, learning disabilities, allergies and many other diseases; were unknowingly sleeping or working in specific locations of measurable geopathic stress. The study noted that prolonged exposure to geopathic stress weakens the body’s defences. Concluding, if an individual has a genetic predisposition to an illness, then sustained exposure to geopathic stress can increase the onset of the illness. Conversely, removal of exposure to geopathic stress enables the body to fight the potential illness.

    Another study by Kathe Bachler on schools, demonstrated that children sitting over geopathic stress areas generally have lower overall grades and contribute towards classroom disruption. By frequently rotating where pupils sit; the grades and classroom harmony improved. All other things being equal, the benefits were due to the removal of constant exposure to geopathic stress.


    Ref: Kathe Bachler’s book, ‘Earth Radiation’.