Harmonic House

A triangular site at the end of a mews development adjacent to a railway line provided a challenging opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of geomantic architecture.

The Harmonic House

Geomancy Architecture

The principle objectives were to create a low energy eco home that would feel calm, peaceful and generate a sense of wellbeing for the family; like being in an art gallery or an old church. This required the building to provide protection from the railway line in terms of sound pollution and negative electromagnetic fields that have adverse effects on people’s health, which is known as geopathic stress.  {See link: What is Geopathic Stress?}

Flowing curves

Movement and Protection

The building is approached through a mews of classically detailed brick and stone houses. A curved wall of the Harmonic House greets guests and leads them through a glazed screen entrance into a curved atrium. To the right, another curved wall softens the relationship with the mews houses. A third curved masonry wall provides an acoustic screen to the railway and spirals to create private roof terraces.

london housing

Geomancy Techniques

Geomancy techniques including earth acupuncture points and specialist materials are integrated into the building’s fabric and throughout the development to remove negative electromagnetic fields, 5G and protect the residents’ health.

Balanced geopathic energy is self-maintained and modern Feng Shui techniques are incorporated into the layout. Maximum direct sunlight penetrates the building, with eastern bedrooms and the kitchen capturing the morning sun; whilst the family room watches the setting sun. Throughout the day, slender coloured glass roof lights in the atrium allow strips of colour to travel along internal walls to track the path of the sun, giving a sense of time.


Traditional architectural detailing is used in a contemporary style to compliment the classical appearance of the adjoining houses, so that the building compliments and enhances its setting. Sustainably sourced timber provides the structural frame, floors and roof.

Natural materials and breathable paints allows the building to breath and control the moisture internally. Additionally, a hempcrete wall in the atrium regulates the heat in winter and high levels of insulation balance the temperature throughout the year. Natural ventilation, shading and winter sunlight contribute towards the low energy requirements of the building.

Discrete solar panels for hot water and electric are on the roof. Grey water recycling is used for the toilets and garden. Electrical wiring minimises electromagnetic pollution and exposure to Wi-Fi in the house.

The Harmonic House demonstrates how a home can be designed to enhance the wellbeing of the family, be appropriate for an urban setting and be the most desirable property in the midst of traditional, classical houses.

Other features include:

  • 5 bedrooms, 4 with en-suite bathrooms
  • 4 private roof terraces to capture the morning and evening sun.
  • Separate reception, family, media and study rooms.
  • Circular kitchen / dining room opening onto the garden.
  • Continuous garden around three sides of the house.
  • Natural passive surveillance.
  • Charging point for an electric car.
  • The premier house in the development.
ClientPrivate Developer
ServicesInitial concept, detailed design for a geomancy prototype luxury house.
AdditionalExtensive use of 3D modelling, technical specifications, geomancy and feng shui

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