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Studio S Architects have produced a wide range of buildings including: bespoke houses; a sustainable housing complex of 5 buildings up to 8 stories, using off site timber frame construction with green roofs, individual flats designs and producing 22% renewable energy on site; converting a WW2 bunker into a bar; masterplans and hotels.

We currently have timber frame houses on site and are working on an underground thermal spa and a golf club. Alot of our clients are through recommendations and repeat work. Our experience with councils to establish the Gross Development Value of their sites and obtaining planning permission, coupled with serving on Merton and Wimbledon’s design review panel give us a unique insight into the planning process to produce practical, high quality architecture.

Other Studio S Architects Services


For developers

Our reputation for successfully developing difficult sites and producing elegant practical buildings has the confidence of developers, private clients, planning departments and consultation groups

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The One Stop Shop is a complete service for a loft conversion, house extension or a new house. We will design and build your extension or home with a qualified experienced team that covers the entire process from the start to finish in London, Surrey and Kent.

Houses & Extensions

SSA Geomancy

For your wellbeing

SSA Geomancy is our specialism that improves how people feel when we combine architecture with the subtle earth energies of a place. Our practical understanding of Geomancy, EMFs and Feng Shui; rebalances the energies that can affect your wellbeing and health in and around your home or office. 

Health & Productivity

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    Architecture for Developers, Individuals and Geomancy

    Studio S Architects

    Our services

    Studio S Architects personal approach is tailored to meet your requirements. We provide the full range of  services for architectural projects. 

    Our work for developers includes private residential and commercial schemes.

    For individual houses, extensions and conversions, the One Stop Shop is a complete design and build service to transform your home.

    Our Geomancy, Feng Shui and EMF service creates a healthy and productive environment for your workplace, home and individual health.

    We deliver the potential of a project and find new solutions to solve old problems.

    Which service do you require?

    Architecture for the Developer

    Sustainable, Residential, Commercial, off-site Construction, Rural & Urban projects.

    We work on selected projects to focus on your scheme with a tailored personal service to the client’s requirements.

    For the Individual Home Owner

    Design & Build, Private Houses, Loft Conversions & Extensions.

    The One Stop Shop team provides the complete package, to give you peace of mind.

    Harmony for Health, Home and Business

    Geomancy Architecture, Feng Shui, EMF, 5G & Geopathic Stress.

    Increase productivity at work, create geomancy architecture & remove geopathic stress, EMF & 5G, for your health.