Underground Thermal Spa

A taste of the project

An underground Thermal Spa that uses the energy of the land to rejuvenate guests.

Underground Thermal Spa: Geomancy Architecture

Our commission for a Thermal Spa in the English countryside is a blend of sensitive contextual design, ecological architecture and Geomancy to enhance the treatment and wellbeing of guests. Studio S Architect’s specialist research and understanding of Geomancy and Feng Shui is used in the design and construction to balance the land’s subtle electromagnetic flow through the site, known as Geopathic Stress.

Working closely with the management, operation teams and guests, we have established a complex brief of treatment rooms, relaxation spaces, dining areas and servicing. Feng Shui is integral to the guests’ movement and their experience.  The design embraces the landscape rolling over and through the building; water gardens and pools; skylights and large windows; plants and sunken courtyards, to connect people with the Earth’s natural elements during their treatments and use of the Thermal Spa. 

Specialist materials integrated into the building’s fabric and throughout the development maintain balanced geopathic energy. Natural ventilation, grey water recycling, heat recovery, renewable energy all ensure a sustainable building with a small carbon footprint that is in harmony with the land. Maximum direct sunlight penetrates the building ensuring enjoyment of the natural environment. The scheme creates additional local employment to provide benefits for the wider community.

Here are some snippets of the design in progress…

Initial section through the building stepping down the slope of a hill. A grass roof integrates the scheme with the the landscape. Skylights provide natural light deep into the building plan. Large windows offer views across the countryside.

Sketches and drawings showing:

The integration of the landscape throughout the design to obscure views of the building.

Selective extracts of the floor plans

Design sketches of the roof, plans & elevations

Selective extracts of the sunken elevation behind the landscaping

ServicesFull architectural services from concept to completion
AdditionalGeomancy, Feng Shui & Geopathic Stress