Two sustainable houses in the countryside

Dedham Vale, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Suffolk

Two sustainable rural houses

Boxford, Suffolk

Two family 4-bedroom houses in the Constable countryside were fully supported by the planning department under the national planning policy framework 55, to promote sustainable development in rural areas. Set in an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ the houses draw visual reference from the local farm buildings and materials.  Constructed with pre-fabricated off-site timber panels, clad in vertical timber cladding, set against a backdrop of trees; the houses will weather and blend with their environment over time. High open ceilings and an asymmetrical elevation provide a modern, contextual addition to the rural setting.

The buildings and external lights are positioned on the site to minimise light pollution that could interfere with the flight paths of bats. Plants for the hedgerows and gardens are selected from local native species and sourced from local nurseries.

Super insulation in excess of current building regulations reduces the heating and cooling requirements throughout the year. Energy for hot water and occasional heating is provided from the farm’s Bio Mass Anaerobic Digestion plant that converts farming waste into hot water and electricity (CHP). Windows on all sides ensure natural sunlight to all rooms and naturally ventilated bathrooms. A high proportion of local labour and trades are used throughout the construction to help the local economy and reduce the carbon footprint of the low energy houses.

This successful project demonstrates Studio S Architects’ range of expertise and ability to achieve low energy, sustainable buildings that make positive contribution to the surrounding countryside.

A timber clad building by Studio S Architects

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ClientFarming business
ServicesFull architectural services form conception to completion
AdditionalSustainable design, low energy use, self build, off site construction