mixed-use residential & retail

Appointed for our experience with difficult sites

mixed use residential & retail

Wandsworth, London

16 apartments, 3 retail units and private parking on a sloping site set amongst tower blocks with established views. Studio S Architects were appointed due to our success with difficult sites. Our innovative approach, bespoke design for each site condition and working in 3D modelling ensured support of the planning department. Studio S Architects maximised the development value of this site for the local authority.

Studio S Architects were appointed by Wandsworth Council’s property department to increase housing and public facilities on many sites across the South London Borough.

Strong geometric shapes clearly define the ‘parti pris’ (the organising design principle) on the upper floors. Each solid form contains an apartment that is designed for its unique location on the site. Views are orientated down the hill, over large suburban houses.

The building is deliberately designed to appear different from several vantage points: from the tower blocks, the geometry is the key feature; from the rear, the layers and openings are the key features; from the right, the long glazed openings and balconies; from the left, the solid brick base and vertical brick fins; from the suburban houses, the vertical rhythm of the different coloured copper panels are most apparent. Our bespoke solution to the site resulted in the development being marketed at a premium rate.

The rear of the building is formed by a series of solid layers with controlled small openings and cuts, whilst the front elevation is predominantly open with alternating glazed and vertical copper panels. The copper panels are installed with different levels of patination: yellow, brown and green. The materials are detailed to grow old gracefully with the weathering of time.

Studio S Architects were also appointed by Wandsworth Council to address community concerns about a narrow, secluded stairway adjacent to the site. So, we redesigned a wider stairway that created continuous public views along its route, orientated apartments to overlook the pathway and specified new pedestrian focused lighting.  

It is important that architecture benefits the wider community.

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ClientLocal Authority
Servicesconcept, detailed design, masterplan, urban design
Additionalurban design analysis & extensive 3D computer models