Limewood Mews

A private mews development of 4 houses and 4 flats on the site of former garages

Limewood Mews


Extensive public consultation and the full support of the planning committee for sensitively building on a narrow sloping site between large traditional houses and apartments.

The project is based upon Studio S Architects’ previous planning permission  Lullington Road . All of the houses and flats sold within 2 hours on the opening day.

High quality brick and stone detailing. A mixture of buff coloured brickwork contrasted with black timber cladding inspired by the local houses and our client’s love of old farm buildings. Private balconies overlook the pedestrian and vehicle access to the site, thereby providing natural passive security

ClientPrivate Developer
ServicesExtensive public consultation, pre construction co-ordination, full design services
AdditionalHigh density planning permission via Lullington Road project, retaining wall engineering. 3D modelling,