Additions to make a dream home

A new entrance porch, underground swimming pool, modern conservatory and an Indian colonnade.

Additions to make a dream home

Wandsworth, London

Studio S Architects were appointed to provide designs that would transform a client’s house into their final dream home.


Using the arts and craft style to match the house, the porch takes its influence from William Morris’ well at the Red House. The large oak timbers slot together using traditional timber joints without metal fixings.

Swimming pool

A private underground swimming pool with a grass roof to form the lawn of the back garden. Clerestory windows and roof lights allow natural sunlight and views from the garden. Other features include a hot tub, sauna, shower and changing rooms with direct access to the house and a new conservatory above.

A modern conservatory

The client’s desire to contrast the traditional porch with a modern conservatory resulted in a high tech, frameless glass, light weight metal and timber structure with spider glass fixings. The glazed enclosure sits between two existing brick outbuildings that provide storage and a link to an underground swimming pool.


The design is based on an Indian traditional 12 arched colonnade. The white metal structure aligns with the existing glazing of the house and provides a covered glazed transition to the garden.

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ServicesConcept, planning, technical design
AdditionalTraditional joinery construction, extensive 3D computer models